"If you want to grow and learn the best way possible, this is the place for you." – Mitchell, TI Leader

Employee Appreciation

Our employees are our strength. At MEP, we like to make sure that our employees know how valued they are. We offer fun, interactive programs to help honor this, such as an employee wellness program with prizes, company anniversary parties, holiday celebrations, and summer employee events.

Employee Atmosphere

From office nerf gun wars to spontaneous conversations, MEP’s atmosphere is fun. Our encouraging environment creates trusting relationships among our employees. Laughter sets the tone in this office and allows people to be who they are.

Freedom & Flexibility

Our company takes the self-directed team approach which has proven to create independence among our employees. We realize not everyone has the same work style. Therefore, we promote freedom and flexibility, to allow for different individuals to work in the way they thrive.


"If you want to go to another firm and have a job, more power to you, but if you want to join our firm,
be part of our family and have a career, you need to come here." – Bryan, Drafter

Self-Directed Work Teams

Our teams are made up of employees who bring their different skills and talents to work together, without typical managerial supervision, toward a common purpose or goal. Our teams are empowered to make the decisions they need to make to serve our clients. They are close-knit and they help each other accomplish goals.

Each team has approximately 7-10 members. All three disciplines, plus drafting staff, are represented on each team. In addition, each discipline in the team is comprised of varying experience levels. Each of our engineers is given the opportunity to lead projects and be a core team member.

Supportive Leadership

While our teams do most of the day-to-day management on their own, they always have a plethora of supportive leadership to help with any issues that arise. From complex technical problem solving to where our next company party should be, our leadership team is there to help.

Client Partnership

Client service is our number one passion and it’s what sets us apart from other firms. If you’re passionate about partnering with our clients and providing innovative design solutions, you’re in the right place.


"If you want to work hard, you’re going to be able to make something of that effort." – Byron, Plumbing Engineer

Project Diversity

MEP prides itself in being an authority on a wide variety of projects. This ensures we meet the needs of our clients on every project they bring to us. It also allows us to cater to the current market while actively forecasting future market trends.

As part of MEP’s team, you will have the opportunity to widen your skill set. With over 730 total years of experience, our engineers possess a wealth of knowledge that is a resource to you.


Cutting-Edge Technology

MEP utilizes the most current technologies to ensure employee and client satisfaction. With the vast majority of our projects modeled in Revit, we are among the most current in the industry. We also perform clash detection as part of our quality control process. These tools help us ensure we deliver the best product.

Learning & Growth

Learning is growth and you decide what you learn. The possibilities are endless - train with an engineer from another discipline, go to a seminar, lead a project, or mentor another engineer. At MEP, cultivating your learning is imperative to us.