Parker Public Works Facility

We designed this multipurpose facility, housed on 13.73 acres, for maximum efficiency and utility. The project included four building components:

  1. An combination office, maintenance shop and warehouse building
  2. Ice Slicer storage barn
  3. Magnesium chloride storage and dispensing station and a fuel storage dispensing station
  4. Light-duty vehicle maintenance shop

We planned the office area to incorporate several work areas, a break room, a large multi-purpose room for training and crew assignments, restrooms, locker rooms, a parts warehouse area and several associated utility rooms.

The open fueling station and de-icer storage and dispensing facility also houses magnesium chloride. The de-icer area is a shared with Douglas County.

We designed the light-duty vehicle maintenance shop to include several bays and an adjoining operations office area.

Our design also incorporated plans for future expansion needs assessed early in the process.