Mikron Office, Core and Shell, Tenant Improvement

Project Description

In partnership with Mountain Aire Mechanical, MEP provided plumbing engineering services for both the landlord and tenant in this new Build-To Suite office/industrial building. Our design included a centralized compressed air system with over 65 tool drops throughout the various areas of production within the shop side of the building.

The Englewood location allows Mikron to increase their USA presence and strengths their capacity by 30% with additional land for future growth. The new building layout and design fosters process improvement and supports flexibility which are key components that allows Mikron to continue to services their clients for years to come.

Recent code changes require water extending beyond 25 linear feet from a hot water heater be recirculated to reduce water and energy waste. MEP Engineering provided design for the complete single-zone domestic hot water re-circulation loop for the office portion of this project.