Mikron Office, Core and Shell, Tenant Improvement

Project Description

In partnership with Mountain Aire Mechanical, MEP provided plumbing engineering services for both the landlord and tenant in this new Build-To Suite office/industrial building. Our design included a centralized compressed air system with over 65 tool drops throughout the various areas of production within the shop side of the building.

The Englewood location allows Mikron to increase their USA presence and strengths their capacity by 30% with additional land for future growth. The new building layout and design fosters process improvement and supports flexibility which are key components that allows Mikron to continue to services their clients for years to come.

Recent code changes require water extending beyond 25 linear feet from a hot water heater be recirculated to reduce water and energy waste. MEP Engineering provided design for the complete single-zone domestic hot water re-circulation loop for the office portion of this project.


Suncor Refinery Business Center

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sets standards for design and performance in five key areas of human and environmental health, including sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environment quality. From the beginning, we set our sights high and wanted to achieve LEED Silver Certification for this project. We partnered with the local firm, Intergroup Architects to make it happen.

This 75,000-square-foot facility is designed to accommodate approximately 275 employees and contractors required a robust system for ventilation. To accommodate this need, we designed an Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) System. This system was based on the use of the raised access floor to provide ASHRAE 62.1-2004 required minimum outdoor air ventilation rates to the building occupants and also to provide cooling airflow to the interior portions of the building.

We designed thermostatic zoning of the system in accordance with Suncor Corporate Standards. The under floor air head end mechanical equipment included three 30% outdoor air, air handlers (70% recirculation), each with direct expansion (DX) Cooling and indirect gas fired heating.

To increase the overall efficiency of the system and reduce connected compressor tonnage of the system, an energy recovery heat pipe was provided in each air handler. After the heat, the air was either cooled or heated (depending on operating state and conditions) with either a cooling coil or indirect fired gas heat exchanger and then is delivered to the under floor air distribution system.

The under-floor air distribution system interior to the building, included ductwork distribution under the raised access floor, round air floor devices, under-floor-fan-powered variable air volume terminal devices with and without electric reheat, differential pressure sensors, sheet metal air highways and/or sheet metal ductwork, and sheet metal air dams for security purposes and/or pressure control of specific areas.

Sherman Street Office

Architects across the Denver metro area want to incorporate Sustainable Design concepts into their projects. This three-story office building with one, approximately 24,927 square foot level of partially below-grade parking, was no exception. We focused on Sustainable Design every step of the way and achieved LEED certification.

Gateway Office Building

This three-story, multi-colored brick and metal mixed-use office and retail building has evolved into a popular hub for workers and shoppers in community-oriented Englewood.

The first floor became retail space with the second and third floor used as standard office space.

We provided engineering services to assist in attaining a LEED Gold Certified building. This support included the “Fundamental Commissioning” process and energy modeling using the Trane Trace program.

The mechanical system incorporated an under-floor (UFAD) air distribution system, high efficiency domestic hot water heaters. The electrical system used a photovoltaic panel system to assist with electrical load shedding for the building.




Historic Olde Town Arvada welcomed this series of three buildings in 2008. The site now houses the popular Grandview Tavern and is surrounded by several other well-patronized pubs, eateries and specialty shops. The Grandview is just two blocks from the planned Gold Line light rail station.

We provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services for three buildings to core-shell only. The project was built out in two phases.

  • Building 1: a 2-story 13,192 square foot space planned for mixed use office/retail and restaurant.
  • Building 2: a 2-story 17,184 square foot space planned for mixed use office/retail.
  • Building 3: a single-story 2,900 square foot space planned for a future restaurant.

Reno Place

On the east side of Olde Town Arvada, the rounded brick entryway of Reno Place tells the story of an up-and-coming suburban area which will soon welcome light rail. Olde Town Arvada has been growing and re-invigorated with the addition of new restaurants, bars, shops and projects like Reno Place.

We completed a tenant build out for this project and are honored to say it was named “Top Construction Project.” It was showcased in the Real Estate & Construction Review, Colorado Edition Volume 5, 2009.

200 Fillmore

Plentiful bike lanes, nearby coffee shops, restaurants, elementary schools and parks make this 4-story mixed-used office building a convenient, active place to live and work.

We designed complete building system upgrades including a complete tenant build-out of the upper floors while maintaining first-floor retail tenants on-line during construction.