Air Training Support Flight Simulator

Project Description

MEP Engineering was selected by Air Training Support to provide mechanical and electrical engineering services for a Training Flight Simulator, located in Centennial, CO. Intergroup Architects was the selected architect for this project. MEP services were completed in March 2016, and construction for the project was completed in early 2017.

Services included removing and relocating the flight simulator and providing the design for a dedicated room for the computer equipment with 24/7 cooling and a raised floor. MEP also provided the design for another dedicated room for the hydraulic pumps and control equipment. We completed HVAC design for the warehouse the simulator resides in, which also included a custom HVAC unit ducted into the flight simulator to maintain a comfortable temperature for the pilots. Built in the late 1970’s, this flight simulator has been used to train pilots for numerous scientific studies for over 40 years.


Mikron Office, Core and Shell, Tenant Improvement

Project Description

In partnership with Mountain Aire Mechanical, MEP provided plumbing engineering services for both the landlord and tenant in this new Build-To Suite office/industrial building. Our design included a centralized compressed air system with over 65 tool drops throughout the various areas of production within the shop side of the building.

The Englewood location allows Mikron to increase their USA presence and strengths their capacity by 30% with additional land for future growth. The new building layout and design fosters process improvement and supports flexibility which are key components that allows Mikron to continue to services their clients for years to come.

Recent code changes require water extending beyond 25 linear feet from a hot water heater be recirculated to reduce water and energy waste. MEP Engineering provided design for the complete single-zone domestic hot water re-circulation loop for the office portion of this project.


Parker Public Works Facility

Project Description

MEP Engineering was selected by the City of Parker to provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services for their new Public Works Facility, located in Parker, CO. This project included 32,000 square foot Operations/Administration Building providing office, workshop, and storage space for the Stormwater Utility, Streets Maintenance, and Traffic Services Divisions, as well as indoor vehicle storage and vehicle wash bays; outdoor covered and uncovered vehicle parking; bulk material storage bins; a decant basin; and deicer storage and dispensing facilities shared with Douglas County. The new facility allows the Public Works to essentially double in size to meet the Town’s growing population.

This facility includes four building aspects, an office/maintenance shop/ warehouse building, Ice Slicer storage barn, magnesium chloride storage/dispensing station and a fuel storage dispensing station. The small light-duty-vehicle maintenance shop contains several bays, and an adjoining operations office area. The office area includes several offices/work areas, a break room, a large multi-purpose room for training and crew assignments, restrooms, locker rooms, parts storage/warehouse, and all associated utility rooms. The design accounted for future expansion. The facility also included an open fueling station and de-icer storage and dispensing facility.


FMC Technologies Brighton

Project Description

FMC Technologies, Inc., is a global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry. MEP Engineering helped bring their new sales and service facility to their clients, in Brighton, CO. The facility services Completion Services, Fluid Control and Surface Wellhead business units on the 20-acre site.  The project is an expansion of FMC Technologies’ current Colorado operations, with initial staffing at the new facility including 66 employees.

We provided plumbing design services for this new 50,000 square foot design/build facility. The building includes a sales office center, large locker rooms, two surface wellhead areas, two fluid control areas, and flowback area. Construction cost was approximately $12M.



Schlumberger supplies technology, project management and information solutions to international oil and gas industry customers.

For this project, we planned the renovation and redesign of an approximately 84,000 square foot existing building with 12,000 square feet of office space and a warehouse. The existing warehouse was modified and a two-story office section was added.

We planned warehouse modifications to include: restrooms, high bay lighting, wash bays, trench drains, overhead cranes, testing areas, staging, and storage.

We designed a new 12,000 square foot office addition that included necessary office components for Schlumberger’s busy staff: restrooms with lockers, a break room and offices. Adding the offices brought the total square footage of the building to 108,000 square feet.

We also completed electrical, HVAC, and plumbing for multiple pieces of repair/fabrication equipment.


Polystrand® develops a thermoplastic composite that can reportedly eliminate waste, be recycled and is environmentally friendly. The company is enjoying success and is expanding their Montrose facility to the Denver metro area. We provided full mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the three-phase construction of this new plastics manufacturing facility located in the Compark development just south of Centennial Airport.

We designed a 2-story 16,000 square foot office area. We planned both open and closed office space to include conference rooms, a cafeteria, a training room, and computer rooms with 24/7 cooling and group restrooms.

The final phase of design services included a chilled water system and chilled water distribution to the manufacturing equipment and specific cooling systems for the 85,000 square foot manufacturing area. We designed the manufacturing area and 19,000 square foot warehouse space was to include: storage, a maintenance shop, receiving and delivery area, docks with overhead doors and snowmelt system, and electric and propane storage. The facility required a large electrical service at 12,000 Amps, 480Volts to support planned manufacturing processes.

Total construction cost: $14 million.

Nestle Waters North America – NPL West Bottling Plant

Sustainability and Social Responsibility are two values we share with the Nestle Waters North America Company. We partnered with the company to design the 200,000 square foot building. The project included 6,800 square feet of office space and 193,200 square feet of process or storage areas with multiple delivery bays. We love to make lasting relationships and were happy to be re-hired to design additional support spaces for the expansion of a second manufacturing line.


Publicly-traded Airgas sells gases, welding equipment and supplies and safety products. They bill the company as being in “the Everything Business with everyone.”

To help the company continue to grow and partner with everyone from hobbyists to aerospace engineers, we designed a main office and warehouse building with chemical production, storage and an additional site building.

The main building square footage was approximately 24,650 square feet with 3,020 square feet of office, 9,225 square feet of warehouse, and 12,405 of chemical production and storage space.

The additional site buildings included a retest building and flammable fill building with a laboratory. The retest building was approximately 5,530 square feet and the flammable fill building 742 square feet. The buildings were tilt-up construction with 24 foot clear.

Transwest Mega Mall

Transwest Mega Mall

Transwest sells new and used heavy or medium-duty trucks, trailers, cars, SUVs or RVs. They offer sales, parts, service and finance for nearly every part of the transportation industry.

We planned this 45-acre site to house two vehicle storage and repair facilities. Our relationship with Transwest extended from this project in Brighton to include renovations and new construction in Commerce City, CO, Fountain, CO, Fredrick, CO and Bellon, Mississippi.

We designed the approximately 170,125 square foot main building to house: a sales office area, parts and services office area, a locker room and break area, a parts storage area and three separate bay wings. The 62,753 square foot trailer and body shop facility holds: a main office area, an employee locker and break room area and two separate bay wings.

Main Building

Customers are welcomed into the 10,374 square foot main sales office area by a graceful archway. The main building incorporates everything employees need to market their inventory to a discerning public: offices, a conference room, storage rooms, a reception area, ADA restrooms, an elevator and elevator room. The 9,601 square foot parts and services office area includes offices, a service desk, ADA Restrooms, an electrical room, a janitor’s closet, a phone room, storage rooms, an elevator and elevator room. The 19,677 square foot parts area also houses an oil storage room that is 1248 square feet.

Of course, employees of Transwest need a space to complete paperwork and run this large facility. We planned the 40,948 square foot upper level of the main office area to incorporate large offices, open cubicle areas, a print room, a conference room, an IT room, an electrical room, a phone room, storage rooms, break rooms, a training room with attached kitchen, two elevators and elevator rooms, a locker room, a convenient laundry room, a lounge, and a janitor’s room.

We designed three separate bay wings offer even more space. Wing C is 36,038 square feet and houses 30 bays, a waiting area, offices, ADA restrooms, storage rooms, a phone room, and a janitor’s closet. Wing A is 34,322 square feet and houses 30 bays, a car washing facility, restrooms and a janitor’s closet. Wing B is 11,446 square feet and houses 10 bays.

Trailer and Body Shop

We designed the 14,002 square foot body shop wing to house 10 bays and include: a framing shop of 3,243 square feet, a prep area of 2,610 square feet, and a paint area of 3,648 square feet. The main level office area of this space is 4,990 square feet. It is contains: offices, ADA restrooms, a break room, a conference room, a storage room and a janitor’s closet. The second level, also at 4,990 square feet, includes a large locker room a janitor’s closet, an electrical closet, a mechanical area, two storage areas, and a break room.

The 23,481 square foot trailer wing houses16 bays. The parts storage is 9,975 square feet.

Construction cost for the entire project—including site development—is estimated at $20 million.