Will Your Exterior Building Walls Promote Mold Growth?

As a building owner, keeping water out of your building and preventing condensation inside your walls are two concerns that can easily slip through the cracks (no pun intended). We are here to help you prevent a seemingly small issue like this from causing a financial nightmare.

Luckily, there is a new standard calculation called ASHRAE Standard 160 developed to determine the risk of mold growing in your building’s envelope. WUFI is the program to help.


  • Globally recognized software program to complete building analysis.
  • Defines thermal and moisture conditions within the building envelope.
  • Completed hour by hour for up to two years’ duration.
  • WUFI accurately represents the actual conditions in built walls.


Stop mold before it starts. Here’s what you need to know:

Why? Make sure your new construction project is protected. Properly select the insulation, weather-resistive barrier, and vapor barrier material properties necessary to minimize mold growth.

How? Moisture-Control Design Analysis – ASHRAE Standard 160

  • Analyzes conditions inside the exterior walls
  • Includes interior building temperature, relative humidity, and exterior wall materials
  • Includes exterior weather such as rain, snow and sun


Take the next step and see how MEP Engineering can help you minimize your mold growth risks.

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