Colorado Coalition for the Homeless – West End Clinic

Clinic remodel

Our city’s homeless population uses healthcare services more often when such services are readily-available in a convenient location. We provided medical tenant finish design services for the remodel of an approximately 5,500 square foot medical and behavioral health walk-in clinic, located within an existing 5-story building.

The layout incorporated offices, storage rooms, staff restroom, break room, a mom’s room, work and copy area, work stations, lobby, public restroom, lab space, lab restroom, 14 exam rooms, a treatment room and a room for sterilizing medical equipment.

Cop Shop

In an effort to prevent crime and provide access to services, Denver police have set up “Cop Shops” or easy-access areas where citizens can file complaints or seek aid from on-duty officers across the city. We designed the 1,850 square-foot space adjacent to the West End Clinic to include a shared conference room and local Cop Shop. We designed the area with an additional conference room, office, break room, mechanical and storage room, a single restroom and a storage room.