Byron White Federal Courthouse

Project Description

In 2009, with funds granted under the economic stimulus, the General Services Administration initiated a project to re-commission/retro-commission the Byron White Courthouse with the objective of reducing energy consumption to the greatest extent possible within the funding limitation. The building is home to the 10th Circuit District Appellate Court and is approximately 274,000 square feet in size.

MEP Engineering provided a complete detailed analysis of the existing facilities’ energy consumption and equipment operation. The building mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and lighting systems, as well as the building envelope, were reviewed to uncover inefficiencies in the systems and identify areas that can be modified for increased energy efficiency and optimized energy performance. A detailed report was generated and submitted for review. The report outlines the systems and equipment that were inspected and describes inefficiencies that were discovered. MEP’s review process included physical inspections of the equipment, computer-simulated energy modeling, interviews of key building staff, review of energy management trend data, electrical metering of step-down transformers and light level measurements.

Once ECM’s were chosen for pursuit, MEP Engineering provided complete engineering design services; including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. Estimates of probable cost, as well as an overall economic value, were prepared for review by the client. These measures were vitally important to the project as the funding was from economic stimulus; cost control and monitoring were prime objectives