Foundations Church

Foundations Church

Renovating an old theater means you start the project with quite a bit of demolition. We planned the removal of several interior walls, resulting in a final floor plan that included approximately 50,000 square feet. The design incorporated an auditorium with a stage and an open floor for individual chair seating for worship services. Additional spaces included everything the church would need to welcome members of all ages: a children’s ministry area with a nursery and a multipurpose room and an atrium and lobby with a coffee area, booths and tables and administrative offices. The booths and tables will become an information hub for the church’s ministries and events.

Electrical systems

We designed the electrical systems to replace electrical service and distribution, as the existing electrical service and much of the distribution had been damaged and was missing its copper pieces.

Mechanical systems

We planned new HVAC equipment as well. The existing equipment had copper parts removed and much of the system was damaged beyond repair or re-use.

Plumbing systems

Removal of copper water piping affected the plumbing system. We designed domestic water entry and downstream piping distribution to accommodate this loss.

Project Highlights

“This building is a great gift to us,” said Carl Sutter, lead pastor of Foundations Church. “We want to use this building to bring hope and healing to northern Colorado. We want the old MetroLux theater to be a beacon of light. We want this to be a community building that communicates love and care for Northern Colorado.” –