Lime Restaurant – Denver Pavilion

Each Lime Restaurant is a total sensory experience. From the moment you enter until the hour you must drift out and take your leftovers home, you’re treated to a modern visual, auditory and gustatory experience. The vibe is youthful and the food is zingy.

We provided spicy design services for this new restaurant space within an existing building consisting of approximately 7,717 square feet. The original space was a vacant shell with a hydronic hot water HVAC distribution system and a minimal electrical distribution system. The restaurant will contain two bars, a commercial kitchen of approximately 1,000 square feet, a walk-in beer cooler, and men’s and women’s restroom facilities.

We designed multiple public and private dining areas including a storefront lounge area and patio dining. We planned an open-air concept with large front and rear restaurant-facing windows that will be open to allow cool breezes during warm weather.