The Gardens on Havana

During the design phase of 365,515 square feet of building space, we made sure that design plans could easily welcome the future addition of bustling restaurants to several of the retail buildings.

We knew the environment surrounding this hub would help create a space where customers would want to relax and enjoy their shopping experience. We collaborated to create an LED illuminated obelisk surrounded by a rose garden to create a European-style courtyard. The garden featured integrated exterior lighting controls with holiday lighting receptacles, Musak systems, illuminated bus stops and illuminated signage.

We included a public art water feature with underground plumbing and electrical connections near the multi-tenant retail buildings. The light poles were controlled with three lighting panels at various locations throughout the site and interconnected using cat5 technology.

Project highlight

We designed water feature lighting to be economical, flexible and environmentally friendly. The individual light heads were zoned, wired and programmed to turn off at different times throughout the evening depending on tenant schedules.